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1492 - 1899 | 1900 - Present

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20th Century:

Gerardo Machado

20th Century: 1900-1959

Timetable - 1900

U.S. Occupation of Cuba - An excerpt from Cuba: A Country Study

Race Issues After the War of Independence

Dr. Carlos Finlay | Fernando Ortíz

Text of the Platt Amendment | Framing the Platt Amendment/Leland Hamilton Jenks

Guantanamo Bay | Isla de Pinos/Isla de La Juventud

Full text of the Commercial Convention between the United States and Cuba, Proclaimed December 17 1903

Full text of the Treaty between the United States and Cuba, Proclaimed July 2 1904

Proclamation by William H. Taft in which he assumes leadership of the Cuban government in September 1906

The U.S. Intervention of 1906
An Excerpt from The Cuban Situation and Our Treaty Relations
By Philip G. Wright, Brookings Institution, 1931

The Meaning of Cuban Sugar | On The Economic Seasons - An excerpt from Rural Cuba

Race in Cuba

Juan Gualberto Gómez | Martín Morúa Delgado

Excerpt from an article by Evaristo Estenoz in the first issue of Previsión, August 30 1908

Race War of 1912 | On the Importance of Oriente Province

Cuban Presidents | Excerpt from a letter written by President Estrada Palma discussing his resignation from office | President José Miguel Gómez

Gerardo Machado | Carretera Central

Bola de Nieve

Fulgencio Batista - A brief and a full article

The 1950s

Fulgencio Batista

The 1950s

A brief introduction to the 1950s | Timetable - 1951

Excerpt from Carlos Franqui's The Twelve - Attack on Moncada army barracks on July 26, 1953

Frank País and the underground movement in the cities - An excerpt From Terrence Cannon’s Revolutionary Cuba

Meyer Lansky in Havana - An Excerpt from Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life by Robert Lacey

Lucky Luciano in Havana - An Excerpt from The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, by Martin A. Gosch & Richard Hammer

The landing of The Granma | Che on escape to the Sierra Maestra

Photo of Hotel Nacional & the Havana skyline

The Battle of Jigüe - An excerpt from Terrence Cannon’s Revolutionary Cuba

Women in Pre-Revolutionary Cuba - An excerpt from
Fidel Castro & the Quest for A Revolutionary Culture in Cuba
By Julie Marie Bunck

The Man Who Invented Fidel:
Castro, Cuba, and Herbert L. Matthews of the New York Times

A chapter from the book by Anthony DePalma

Who is Huber Matos? | Matos' letter of resignation | Letter circulated after Matos' arrest

The 1960s

Che Guevara

The 1960s

Che, Raul and Fidel

Introduction to the 1960s
Timetable - 1960

1960, New Year's Eve | Mikoyan visits Cuba | Fidel's U.S. Visit - Excerpts from Carlos Franqui's Family Portrait with Fidel

On U.S.-Cuba relations | On racism - Excerpts From Terrence Cannon’s Revolutionary Cuba

Economic Embargo - timeline

Camilo Cienfuegos | Ernesto Che Guevara | Che Timeline | Raul Castro

Excerpt from SARTRE on Cuba | Who are the Pedro Pan Kids?

Fidel Castro: How I became a communist | Castro remembers Che

Che on mistakes of The Revolution | Che's farewell letter to Castro

Nicolás Guillén | Tengo (I Have) - A Poem in Spanish | English

Bay of Pigs - An in-depth article | Who's Who @ Bay of Pigs - A list | BOP 101 - A quick overview | Speech by Castro on May Day, 1961 | JFK on Cuba | Dean Rusk on the Bay of Pigs

An excerpt from Richard J. Walton's Cold War and Counterrevolution: The Foreign Policy of John F. Kennedy | An excerpt from KENNEDY by Theodore Sorensen

The Cuban Missile Crisis aka The October Crisis of 1962: An Introduction | A Timeline | Lessons of the Missile Crisis - An excerpt from: Sad and Luminous Days: Cuba's Secret Struggles witht the Superpowers After the Cuban Missile Crisis

Castro sends a verbal message to President Lyndon B. Johnson through Lisa Howard of ABC News

Rolando Cubela Secades aka AMLASH | José Miró Cardona | Tony Varona | Manuel Artíme | Juan Orta | Manuel Ray

Excerpts from Cuba: A Short History, Edited by Leslie Bethell - On Economic Performance | On Immigration to the U.S.

NEW Revolution Gallery | OLD Revolution Gallery (requires JavaScript)

1970 - 2000

Castro meets the Pope

1970 - 2000

Timetable - 1970

After the fall of the Soviet Union
Excerpt from: Cuba: Between Reform & Revolution
By Louis A. Pérez, Jr.

Castro's Eulogy for Victims of the October 6 1976 Terrorist Attack | Castro welcomes The Pope

Notes on Havana | Cuba's Provinces | The Sierra Maestra

What is TV Martí?

Cuban Sports Timeline | Cuban Boxing | Teofilo Stevenson

Excerpt from Jacobo Timerman's
Cuba: A Journey

The 21st Century

The 21st Century

Timetable - 2000

Loann In Havana

Photos of Havana by Tina Panziera

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