INVASION at Bay of Pigs

In the morning the Cubans took the air...
Richard M. Nixon proposed it | Dwight D. Eisenhower planned it | Robert F. Kennedy championed it | John F. Kennedy approved it | The CIA carried it out | 1,197 invaders were captured | 200 of them had been soldiers in Batista's army (14 of those were wanted for murder in Cuba) | One CIA soldier fired the first shot | A volunteer teacher was the first Cuban casualty | 4 American pilots and over 100 Cuban invaders were killed in battle | 1,400 Cuban invaders felt betrayed by their sponsor | One U.S. senator lied to the United Nations | One U.S. president was embarrassed in front of the world

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Who's Who @ Bay of Pigs | JFK on Cuba | Excerpt from "COLD WAR AND COUNTERREVOLUTION: THE FOREIGN POLICY OF JOHN F. KENNEDY" by R.J. Walton | Excerpt from "KENNEDY" by Ted Sorensen | Speech by Castro at Havana's May Day celebrations - May 2, 1961 | Dean Rusk "As I Saw It"
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Front Door to Cuba

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