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1492 - 1899 | 1900 - Present

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Early History

Hatuey burned at the stake

Early History

Spanish convoy arrives in the new world Early History Intro |Timetable - 1492

The first Cubans

Cristóbal Colón - A brief bio

Hatuey - Cuba's first guerilla warrior

Father Bartolomé De Las Casas

Early History Gallery

A map of the western hemisphere from 1546

Cuba | South America | North America

Notes on Father Felix Varela

19th Century

Antonio Maceo

Marti, Maceo and Gomez

19th Century

The struggle for independence - Introduction
Timetable - 1801

José María Heredia - Cuba's romantic poet

Narciso López | The Cuban Flag

What is the Ostend Manifesto? | Full text of the Ostend Manifesto

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes | The Ten Year War | The Little War

How many wars did Cuba fight against Spain?

The Virginius Affair

Excerpt from an editorial in Madrid's newspaper La Discusión, March 24 1870

José Martí - A Brief Intro | Apostle of Cuban Independence

Articles by José Martí
Marti Our America | Montecristi Manifesto: Brief Intro / Full Text | On Antonio Maceo (from Patria) | Our Ideas (from Patria, March 14 1892) | The Cuban Revolutionary Party (from Patria, April 3 1892) | My Race (from Patria, April 16 1893 | Platform of the CRP / Secret Statutes of the CRP | A Town Sets a Black Man on Fire (from El Partido Liberal, Mexico City, March 5, 1892)

Martí in La Nación (Buenos Aires)
Religion | Mark Twain | Violence in New Orleans

Letters from José Martí
Letter to Maximo Gomez, October 20 1884 (in which he resigns from the revolutionary movement) | Last letter to his mother, March 25 1895 | Incomplete letter to his friend Manuel Mercado, May 18 1895 |

Letters from José Martí to Antonio Maceo
July 20 1882 / June 18 1894 / June 22 1894 / January 19 1895 |

Is actor Cesar Romero related to José Martí? | Guantanamera and Versos Sencillos

Antonio Maceo - An introduction | The Antonio Maceo Timeline | Maceo's Letter to President Estrada Palma | Maceo's "Protest of Baraguá"

Did Antonio Maceo and Flor Crombet fight a duel?

The Abolition of Slavery in Cuba

The Final War for Cuban Independence from Spain

Frederick Funston - American Insurrecto
Funston Meets Gómez - An excerpt from An American Guerrillero: | An excerpt from Funston's Memories of Two Wars

Madame Paulina Ruiz Gonzalez - Excerpt from Marching with Gomez by Grover Flint, 1898

Exclusive article by Joseph B. Kelley, John T. Kelley & Kieran Kelley: Dr. Ricardo Ruiz de Ugarrio y Salvador died mysteriously in a Spanish prison in 1897

The Teller Amendment, approved by the U.S. Congress on April 20 1898

Independence GALLERY - Temporarily offline

Book Excerpts

Excerpt from The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861, by Robert E. May, Louisiana State University Press

On the nature of the revolutionary government - Excerpt from Philip S. Foner's A History of Cuba and its relations with The United States, Volume II – 1845-1895

A Terrible Blow to the Rebels | USS Maine goes to Havana - Excerpts from Cuba: A Short History

An excerpt from Cuba: A Short History - Before the Ten-Year War

Liberty - The Story of Cuba, by Horatio S. Rubens. Chapter 1 tells the authors experience during a Key West tobacco worker's strike in 1893, just before the start of the War of Independence

On the "raceless" nature of the Cuban independence movement - An excerpt from Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation and Revolution, 1868-1898 by Ada Ferrer

An excerpt from the introduction to Slaves, Sugar, & Colonial Society: Travel Accounts of Cuba, 1801-1899, by Louis A. Pérez, Jr.

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1492 - 1899 | 1900 - Present