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U.S. Secretary of War William H. Taft issued this proclamation on September 29 1906. It was sent to him by President Roosevelt.

To The People of Cuba:

The failure of Congress to act on the irrevocable resignation of the President Of the Republic of Cuba, or to elect a successor, leaves this country without a government at a time when great disorder prevails, and requires that, pursuant to a request of President Palma, the necessary steps be taken in the name and by the authority of the President of the United States to restore order, protect life and property in the Island of Cuba and islands and keys adjacent thereto, and for this purpose, to establish therein a provisional government.

The provisional government hereby established by direction and in the name of the President of the United States will be maintained only long enough to restore order and peace and public confidence, and then to hold such elections as may be necessary to determine those persons upon whom the permanent government of the Republic should be devolved.

In so far as is consistent with the nature of a provisional government established under the authority of the United States,, this will be a Cuban government, conforming, as far as may be, to the constitution of Cuba. The Cuban flag will be hoisted as usual over the Government buildings of the island. All the executive departments and the provincial and municipal governments, including that of the city of Habana, will continue to be administered as under the Cuban Republic. The courts will continue to administer justice, and all laws not in their nature inapplicable by reason of the temporary and emergent character of the government will be in force.

President Roosevelt has been most anxious to bring about peace under the constitutional government of Cuba, and has made every endeavor to avoid the present step. Longer delay, however, would be dangerous.

In view of he resignation of the cabinet, until further notice the heads of all departments of the central Government will report to me for instructions, including Major-General Alejandro Rodriguez, in command of the Rural Guard and other regular government forces, and General Carlos Roloff, treasurer of Cuba.

Until further notice, the civil governors and alcaldes will also report to me for instructions. I ask all citizens and residents of Cuba to assist in the work of restoring order, tranquility [sic], and public confidence.

Wm. H. Taft,
Secretary of War of the United States,
Provisional Governor of Cuba

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