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Marti and Gomez on a stamp

Coming Soon

Marti in Cuban Stamps - A Gallery


The Notes on Guantánamo section has been recently updated

Carl Sandburg on Cuba /
An excerpt from “Always the Young Strangers, by Carl Sandburg
Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York, 1952

The new Cuban History Gallery is open. The gallery incorporates all images used in the site and features larger/higher rez images as well as variations on popular site images.

A new article on the often forgotten Virginius incident of 1873, during Cuba’s Ten Year War against the Spanish empire. | Excerpt from the book by Leland Hamilton Jenks published in 1928, Our Cuban Colony: A Study in Sugar, in which the author examines the Platt Amendment.

An excerpt from the 1931 Brookings Institute book; "The Cuban Situation and Our Treaty Relations," by Philip G. Wright | A new gallery, The Geary Gallery of Cuban History, is still under development.

Cuban Revolution Stamp

Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring on José Martí



Remembering the past...

is crucial for our sense of identity. To know what we were confirms what we are."
- David Lowenthal
The Past is a Foreign Country, (pg. 19)


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