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Timetable History of Cuba
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September 1, 2004 | 316 words

Since mid-August 2004, The Timetable History of Cuba has dropped it's old title and become the more aptly named historyofcuba.com.

The major reason for the change is to facilitate the growing nature of the site, which no longer relies on the timetables as much as it once did. With more emphasis on additional content such as brief introductory articles, more large articles, detailed timelines and image galleries, users now have many more ways to learn about Cuban history.

The timetables are still the backbone of the site, and the single largest element (almost 40,000 words, but the CONTENTS page and the rapidly growing FAST FACTS page have become useful and popular starting points.

"It's a much larger site now than when the original 'timetable' logo was created," says creator/author J.A. Sierra. "Visitors now have many more ways to explore the site, and the timetables are no longer the main way to do it." Aside from being more attractive to the eye, the new logo is more inclusive of all the content available, and more despcriptive of what the site has to offer.


A major change in the innerworkings of the site allow a visitor to start out with an overview of the topic and presented with choices for additional information.

For example, the Martí link on the HOME PAGE and the FAST FACTS page points to a brief, "starting point" article about Martí, which may be all the user needs. But at the bottom of the article she can choose how to proceed from a variety of options: she can jump to a full-length article about Martí, a timeline of the hero's life, the Martí page at INDEPENDENCE GALLERY and various items from his life and work.

This basic tenent of small-overview-articles that lead to larger, more in-depth pieces is now implemented throughout the site. This system assumes that visitors are not familiar with most of the topics and benefit from a basic but complete overview.


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