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The Virginius Incident

The Virginius

Featuring restored and colorized images by J.A. Sierra


The H.M.S. Niobe

Upon arriving in Santiago de Cuba late in the morning of November 8, 1873, Commander Sir Lampton Loraine sends a telegram to military governor Juan Nepomuceno Burriel: “I demand that you stop the dreadful butchery that is taking place here.”

This image was copied from the book "The Virginius Affair" by Richard H. Bradford, and had originally been published in the November 29, 1873 issue of Harper’s Weekly. The copy was enlarged in an office “Copier” and the enlarged copy was colorized with color pencils by Prismacolor, Rembrandt, Berol, Prang and others.

The colorized copy was scanned into a Tiff file, and the resulting image was corrected and manipulated in JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.0 and Photoshop CS4.

Niobe BW The HMS Niobe in Santiago

The H.M.S. Niobe docked in Santiago de Cuba...

Niobe Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba Harbor in 1873.