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Written and designed by Jerry A. Sierra for historyofcuba.com. These titles are available exclusively through amazon.com.

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500 Years
The Timetable History of Cuba

166 pages – B&W.

A linear journey through 5 centuries of Cuban history, beginning with Spanish arrival in 1492 and proceeding through 3 wars against the Spanish empire, U.S. intervention and a supervised attempt at democracy, a new revolution, an invasion at Bay of Pigs, a missile crisis and a 50-year economic embargo.

The book includes numerous images, maps and sidebars on important topics, personalities and events from Cuban history, including: The first Cubans, The legend of Hatuey, the struggle for independence, the Cuban flag, Maximo Gómez, the race war of 1912, Cuban presidents, and much more.

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Artwork and Images
from historyofcuba.com

118 pages - Color

A book of images and graphics from 500 years of Cuban history. Most of images were refurbished and re-visualized specifically for historyofcuba.com by Jerry A. Sierra. Included are original collage works and portraits depicting 19th century/early 20th century figures and events from the struggle for Cuban independence.

The book features many image variations and experiments that have never appeared on the site. Included are portraits and digital paintings of José Martí, Antonio Maceo, Máximo Gómez, Fulgencio Batista, Fidel Castro and others.

A personal collection unlike anything else available on this topic and a great gift for anyone interested in Cuban history.

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