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Restored Images from Cuban History Available

May 23, 2005 | 281 words

Portraits of 19th century Cuban icons José Martí, Antonio Maceo, Maximo Gómez and others have never looked better, and are now available for use by history book publishers, having been restored and colorized to a luster they've not seen in years.

Jose Marti Visit the galleries

History book publishers can now turn to historyofcuba.com for restored images of icons such as José Martí, Antonio Maceo, Máximo Gómez and others. Most of the restored images, original collage, and/or related artwork used on the site are now available for purchase at reasonable prices.

Since shortly after launching the site in 1996, author/webmaster Jerry A. Sierra has been collecting and restoring images from Cuban history. "I wanted to bring these images to life," says Sierra, "and help preserve them for posterity."

The restored images look much better than the faded originals, and the site features over 300 images and graphics, most of them refurbished to a luster they've not seen in over 100 years.

Aside from Martí, Maceo and Gómez, there are restored images of General Calixto Garcia, Flor Crombet, Juan Gualberto Gómez, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and others.

The site also features beautifully colorized versions of black-and-white drawings originally commissioned for the book by Father Bartolome de las Casas, "A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indes," originally published in the 1540s. "I had to colorize them," says Sierra, "to make them more visible on the Web."

Most of the images can be seen in the galleries at historyofcuba.com/gallery.

Publishers are encouraged to contact Sierra via email at jasierra@rcn.com. Please describe your propject and provide a list of the images you're interested in using. Sierra is available for design, graphics and restoration work on a freelance basis.


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