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Web Site Offers Expanded Coverage of Cuba's Struggle for Independence

March 30, 2002

THE LIVES OF CUBAN HEROES ANTONIO MACEO AND JOSÉ MARTÍ, the first major struggle for Cuban independence (known as The Ten-Year War), and the war of independence in 1895 that became known as the Spanish-Cuban-American war, are now covered in much more depth and detail.

You can find the text of historical documents such as The Teller Amendment, which officially promised that the U.S. would keep its hands off Cuba after the war with Spain, the shocking Breckenridge Memorandum, in which a harsh economic blockade of the island is first suggested (in 1897). In the revamped "Independence GALLERY" you can find restored images from the "struggle for Cuban independence," including the earliest photos of icons José Martí, the Maceo brothers, Maximo Gomez, Spanish generals Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau and Martínez Campos, and others.

Aside from the various additional articles and sidebars that cover practically every aspect of Cuban history, you'll find a letter from Cuban general Maximo Gómez to U.S. President Grover Cleveland written on February 9 1897.

The timetables are divided into five major categories: Early History, Struggle For Independence, Before the Revolution, After the Revolution, and The Eighties & Beyond. You can easily jump from one time period to another.

Another new and unique feature is the Antonio Maceo Timeline, the most detailed account of the black hero's life on the internet, covering his involvement in the Ten Year War, his activities away from Cuba and his historic invasion of Havana and the western provinces of the island.

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