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Faces from Cuban history

Cristóbal Colón | Bartolomé De Las Casas

José María Heredia | Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

Narciso López | Madame Paulina Ruiz Gonzalez

José Martí | Antonio Maceo, The Bronze Titan

Juan Gualberto Gómez | Martín Morúa Delgado

Dr. Carlos Finlay

José Miguel Gómez | Gerardo Machado | Fulgencio Batista

Lucky Luciano | Meyer Lansky

Raul Castro | Camilo Cienfuegos |
Che Guevara | Frank País

Bola de Nieve | Nicolás Guillén

Is José Martí related to Cesar Romero?

Did Antonio Maceo and Flor Crombet fight a duel?


They came, they saw, we fought them...

Abolition of Slavery in Cuba

The Race War of 1912

How many wars did Cuba fight against Spain?

Ten-Year War | Little War | War for Independence

Embargo timeline

Bay of Pigs - The Basics

Cuban Missile Crisis


Cuba is a young country... Check out a portfolio by Tina Panziera

Carretera Central

Fernando Ortíz on The Phases of Transculturation

Guantanamo Bay | Facts about Havana |
Cuban Flag | Cuba's Provinces | The Sierra Maestra

Manifesto of Montecristi | Ostend Manifesto |
Teller Amendment

Pedro Pan children


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